Monami Beauty Salon and Iwasa Barbershop


Shop Information

Monami Iwasa is a hair salon that includes both a beauty shop and a barbershop. 

Our concept is to provide beauty services that are both friendly to the environment and to your body by using organic shampoos, color treatments, tonics, and other gentle products. As your total beauty assistant, we take care to match the right products to your unique hair and skin type. To answer to the many needs of our customers, we offer a wide variety of services on our menu. We look forward to your visit!

Shop Information
  • Shop name
  • Monami Beauty Salon and Iwasa Barbershop
  • Address
  • 129-3 Hirooka Harashinden, Shiojiri, Nagano 399-0706
  • TEL
  • 0120-600-996
  • Closed
  • Mondays / Tuesdays
  • Hours
  • 9:00-19:00
    We close at 17:00 on every 3rd Sunday of the month. 

    * We are closed every Tuesday of the month.

  • Reception Hours
  • We take customers until shop closing time. For services other than haircuts such as color and perms, please come at least one hour before closing time. Customers with reservations will get priority over walk-ins. To make a reservation, call the phone number below.
    (We can also serve walk-in customers without reservations during open time slots, so feel free to drop by anytime.)

<Main Events>

  • 【Yukata (summer kimono).】
    In summer, all salon staff dress in yukata (summer kimono).
  • 【Halloween】
    All salon staff dress up in costumes for Shiojiri’s Halloween event.
  • 【Christmas】
    The salon will be in the Christmas spirit! We decorate the shop with Christmas tree that has plenty of presents under it.
  • 【End of the Year Customer Appreciation Campaign】
    Participate in our special lottery drawing! Who knows what you might get!

<Other Events>

  • 【Kodomo Shiojiri】
    Participating in the Kodomo Shiojiri event in Shiojiri
  • 【Feature for the historical reenactment of Imperial Princess Kazunomiya’s procession to Edo】
    Location for the “Yugata Get!” TV show