Monami Beauty Salon and Iwasa Barbershop


Kimono Dressing

Coming of Age Day Plan
  • Hair styling, make-up, and kimono dressing
  • ¥25,000
  • Photo shoot
  • Starting at ¥28,080(3 poses)
Graduation Plan
  • Hair styling, make-up, and kimono dressing
  • ¥21,800
  • Order-made hair ornaments
  • ¥7,000~

(size varies depending on the design)
Create your own custom design for extra memorable photos! Ornaments can be customized to your liking and for your kimono in a variety of ways with flowers, pearls, lace, ribbons, and more. Tsumami craft ornaments can also be ordered (tsumami crafts are traditional handicrafts made by folding and pinching small pieces of silk cloth into beautiful patterns).
※Please order hair ornaments at least one month ahead of time.

Event Services(Hair styling, make-up, and kimono dressing)
  • Graduation
  • ¥21,800
  • Men’s Graduation
  • ¥10,800
  • Shichi-go-san Festival
  • ¥7,600~
Kimono Dressing
  • Furisode(kimono with long, trailing sleeves)
  • ¥10,800
  • Tomesode(formal kimono)
  • ¥8,700
  • Funeral kimono
  • ¥7,600
  • Yukata(summer kimono)
  • ¥3,300