Monami Beauty Salon and Iwasa Barbershop


Kimono Rental
Dress in a kimono and walk around Shiojiri or Matsumoto in style!
Go around town in a kimono! Kiso’s Narai Post Town in Shiojiri retains the look of old Japan, making it a great place to walk around in a kimono. A kimono also goes together perfectly with Matsumoto Castle in Matsumoto. Streets such as Nakamachi, Nawate, and Daimyocho have a great atmosphere for taking a stroll in a kimono, so we hope you spend time in Shiojiri and Matsumoto.
Done in a beauty salon, kimono rental and dressing at Monami gives you a wide range of options. You will be dressed and have your hair put up in no time. Enjoy your trip to the fullest! Transform yourself with Japanese style makeup and show off on Instagram!

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